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Our handcrafted artisan soaps are all natural made with pure organic and sustainable plant oils beneficial to the skin. We select natural plant oils that produce a high amount of glycerin making our soap highly moisturizing and suitable for all skin types.

Unlike commercially produced soap, our soap is made without, harsh chemicals, pore clogging animal fats, synthetic preservatives and lathering agents. With our soap, drying and damaging detergents and chemicals are not left on your body; making your skin healthier and happier.

Not only are BOSSANOVA soaps beneficial to the skin, they are also beneficial to the environment. By eliminating the use of synthetic chemical additives in our soaps, these harsh chemicals are prevented from ever finding their way into our Eco-system. We strive to not only help create healthier skin, but also a healthier planet.

Our handcrafted soaps are eco friendly and are made in small quality controlled batches using the cold process method. Our ingredients are mixed at low temperatures to ensure that all the natural benefits of the base and essential oils are retained in every bar.


Learn about our process of making soap HERE

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