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What is the difference between soy candles and paraffin candles?

Paraffin wax is the final by-product of petroleum refining. It releases potentially harmful petroleum pollutants in the air, including several known carcinogens, according to the EPA. 

Soy wax is all natural made from soy beans, which are a renewable resource that is grown here in the United States.  No harmful chemicals are released with soy wax.

My soy candle seems to be sweating.  What is this?

This is called "Soy Sweat". Since soybean wax has a lower melting point than oil based paraffin wax it can sometimes release excess oils during significant temperature changes. This often happens after shipping across the country.  Generally a small pool or droplets will form that you can leave or wipe off.  Sweat from soy candles will NOT affect the burn quality and will generally not show up again after your first burn.

To remove the oil, use a paper towel to gently wipe it clean. And always remember to store your soy candles in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Why does my soy candle look frosty?

Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy, and is part of the soy experience! It is not a flaw, and it is strictly unique to pure soy candles.

Why is my candle flame is weak?

The natural capillary action of the wood wick may be clogged with excess carbon build up.  Extinguish the candle, and once the wax hardens break off the burnt portion of the wick, then relight.

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